EHallPass is a digital hall pass and student monitoring system created to assist schools and districts in improving student safety and accountability by Nathan Hammond, a teacher for 20 years. ehall pass technology allows students to seek permission to leave a classroom and delivers real-time reports on student movements to instructors and administrators.

Parkway School District in Missouri, Oxford School District in Mississippi, Wilmington Public Schools in Massachusetts, Wilson County Schools in North Carolina, Weymouth Public Schools in Massachusetts, and Rush City Schools in Minnesota are among the schools and districts that use E-HallPass.

They all have implemented this to improve student safety and accountability in their unique learning settings.

What is EHallPass Login, and What is its Purpose?

Technology has evolved things in almost every sector of life, and it’s no different for educational setups. Ehall pass login is an electronic hall pass system that makes issuing and tracking hall passes easier for academic institutions.

This has revolutionized the way schools handle the movement of students. Earlier, the traditional pass system posed several security risks, which are now almost eliminated with this digital solution.

But what is the actual purpose of an E HallPass? Incorporating this technology allows school staff to monitor and control the students’ movements to ensure their safety on the premises. Moreover, it also helps keep track of students’ attendance or to identify behavioral patterns that may need intervention or support.

What is the difference between e hall pass and a traditional paper pass system?

The fundamental difference is between the medium used to manage students’ movement in both solutions.

In the traditional system, students have to write details like their name, time, date, and destination on a physical pass.  They then carry it with them to show to the school staff as they move throughout the building. The problem was that the paper passes could easily get lost, misplaced, or even forged, making it difficult for staff to track and monitor student movements.

An e-hall pass, on another hand, is a platform through which students take permission to leave the class with a digital pass created on an electronic hall pass system. This technology provides real-time movements of the students to the teachers. And it even notifies the staff if any student fails to return to the classroom by the specific time limit so they can take action accordingly.

What is Ehall Pass Kiosk Mode?

Kiosk mode is a feature in an e-hall pass that allows school administration to set up a centralized system in an easily accessible school area like a hallway or the main office. Its sole purpose is to ensure that each student can quickly and easily sign in and out of the classroom.

Moreover, schools can even customize the settings of the kiosk to meet specific needs. For instance, they may restrict access to a particular destination.

How Does E-Hall Pass Work?

When students submit requests to leave the classroom in the system, they must enter their destination, like the bathroom or nurse’s office, and the expected return time.  Once the system accepts the request, it sends an alert to the teacher so that they can approve or deny it based on their discretion.

e hall pass

If approved, the system will instantly update the student’s status. Now teachers can easily monitor the student’s real-time location and wherever he is going.

E-HallPass Sign Up

If it’s for registering the entire school, you need to contact E-HallPass customer support for this process. However, as an individual user like a student, teacher, or admin, follow the below steps:

  • Visit the portal’s official website and select the Sign-Up tab.
  • Fill out the registration form by entering your name, email, address, and school information. In the same step, you must choose your account type from teacher, student, or administrator.
  • Now create a username and password to proceed.
  • Review the terms and conditions and submit your sign-up request.

Afterwards, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions on how to use the portal.

E-HallPass Teacher Login

For teachers, here’s a brief overview of how to log in to their E HallPass account:

  • Go to the E-Hall Pass site and click on the Login button.
  • Choose Teacher from the drop-down menu and enter your credentials.
  • Click on Login to access the pass management dashboard.
ehallpass teachers login

How long does it take to set up eHall pass for a school?

It depends on the school’s size, the complexity of its schedule, and the level of required customization. On average, it can take a few days. The process is long as it includes configuring the system to match the institution’s specific needs, setting up user roles and permissions, and customizing the interface accordingly.

Ehallpass login Guide

EHallPass presents a digital system where students register individually through their institution. Each person will have their own login ID and password. This leads to the formation of a digital classroom on the portal.

ehallpass login

Now, whenever a student needs a digital pass, they must follow the below process:

  • Visit the official website of E HallPass.
  • Enter their respective login ID and password. 
  • Click on login and enter the required details for pass creation.

Besides using the official website, students can access this portal via Google, E-HallPass Clever, and E HallPass Office 365. Here are separate steps for all:

Via Google:

  • Open the website of E-HallPass and select Login with Google tab.
  • Enter Google account credentials, and finally, students can create their digital passes for going outside the class.

Via E HallPass Clever:

  • Visit the official website and click Connect with Clever.
  • Now students must type their school’s name to proceed. Other than that, they can also log in by scanning their faces through a webcam.

If you are part of the staff, you can log in via Clever by entering your intelligent account credentials.

Via Office365:

  • Visit the login page on the E-HallPass website and navigate to Sign in with Office 365.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Click Connect to proceed.

Reset your Password for E-HallPass/Login.Com

It’s common for people to forget their E-HallPass password. In that case, resetting it by the below steps can help:

ehallpass reset password
  • Visit the login page on the portal’s official website.
  • Select I Forgot My Password.
  • Enter the particular email provided by the school and click Continue.
  •  You will receive an email containing a code; enter it to reset the password.

Guide to Profile Completion, Pass Creation, and Set-Up Favorites

Just signing up for their account using your email and password is not enough. Students must follow up on several significant steps to finish their account setup. Here’s a brief guide to it:

Profile Completion:

  • Visit the E-HallPass website and log in.
  • Click on the sub-menu and select My Profile.
  • Now the students must fill in the empty fields, of which the PIN code is the most important. This is necessary for ID card approval and must have at least 4 to 6 characters.
  • Once the PIN is entered, it’s time to upload a photo. After uploading the student’s picture in uniform, save it by clicking on the Save Profile tab. You are good to go now!

Pass Creation:

  • Visit the official E-Hall site and log in via any provided methods.
  • Select the menu and click on Create a Passport.
  • Enter your instructor’s name and where you need to go, for example, the bathroom.
  • Now you must select the reason for going and click on Create a Pass.

Setting Up Favorites:

  • Click on the Favorites tab that appears on the screen.
  • Now enter your preferred locations and teachers’ names from the dropdown menu.
  • Click on the Add button and then save the changes.

How do I approve my e-hall pass?

When a student creates a pass, the badge monitor receives an alert on their dashboard. Only they can approve it by entering their pin.

Benefits Of Electronic Hall Pass System

There are several benefits of this technology, including:

  • It made it easier for staff and children to follow the social distancing protocols during the pandemic. Thereby reducing the chances of transferring germs.
  • Staff can easily limit the number of passes per student and allow only a few at once in a single location.
  • Using this technology, administrators can ensure top-notch security on the premises with real-time and transparent data.
  • There’s an incident response feature in E-HallPass login that lets staff take quick measures to resolve any potential security risks.
  • The incorporation of this technology reports the reduction of unnecessary pass requests.
  • It also helps increase class time by minimizing distractions caused by students leaving or entering the room.
FounderNathon Hammond
Own ByEduSpire Solutions (Securly)
Founded In2013
Toll-Free No888-401-2011
Mobile AppAndroid & iOS

E-Hall Passes Features

While easy monitoring of students’ movement is a significant feature of an E-HallPass login system, here are some others:

ehallpass features
  • Device Limits: This system allows the access of the school administrators to a limited number of devices through their respective credentials. For instance, a single admin can log in on only five different types of devices based on three operating systems, including Android, Windows, and iOS.
  • Top-Notch Data Privacy: Through the digital pass solution, school staff can track how much time a student spends in the washroom or any other place without tracking their whereabouts. Moreover, it can also tell about their past visits and require no cell phone for implementation.
  • Flexible Accessibility: E-HallPass has a central dashboard where badge monitors can quickly view all pass requests and approvals in real-time. They don’t need to ask each student separately, saving a lot.

Customer Service Centre For e-hallpass digital hallpass Products

For seamless setup of E-HallPass, Eduspire Solutions have set up customer support centers to guide their users. You can call them at a toll or toll-free, 888-401-2011, or visit the contact us page on their website and submit your query. The support agent might call you for further guidance.

You can also mail them to Eduspire Solutions. PO Box 2012 Southeastern, PA 19399

EHallPass App For Mobile

It’s an era where mobile phones are certainly used more than PCs. considering this, Eduspire Solutions have introduced a mobile phone app that everyone from admin to teachers and students can use. It was launched in 2019 and is available on Google Play Store or Apple Store. Here is how the app helps:

  • Reduces interruptions during class as students can create passes on their devices.
  • Even teachers can approve or deny permissions on their smartphones.
  • The app has made it easier to track students’ whereabouts by eliminating the need for a bigger system like a PC to do so.
  • Parents can also track their kids’ educational activities while at their home.
ehallpass application

Why do schools use e-hall passes?

It is to ensure the security of students. Since the passes are tracked in real-time, it’s easier for teachers to know who’s not present in the class and their location, which significantly helps if an emergency is predicted. It also helps simplify classroom management.

e hall pass alternatives

There are several alternatives to E-HallPass available in the market, each having a set of strengths and weaknesses. Some of them are listed as follows:

  • ClassLink: A web-based platform offering single sign-on access to a school’s digital resources, including hall passes. The best part is that it lets teachers customize the hall pass policies.
  • SmartPass: It is a comprehensive mobile app that can manage all aspects of students’ movement and supervision on school grounds. It also offers additional features like tracking visitors’ check-in, bus transportation, etc.
  • It’s a free app that allows single sign-on access to a school’s online resources, including textbooks, apps, web links, hall passes, and associated information.

When comparing E-HallPass to these top alternatives, you must consider a few vital aspects like ease of use and customization capabilities: security and cost. Ultimately, the best monitoring and permission management system will depend upon an institution’s specific needs and available resources.

E-hall pass reviews

There have been mixed reviews about the E-HallPass login system. Some consider it an excellent technological product that has revolutionized things for students’ safety and improved the educational environment.

However, many are still not in its favor. A petition is also signed to eliminate the use of the digital pass system. According to the petition, digital passes put extra pressure on the students during restroom trips with a time limit. This might trigger anxiety in the young lads.

Moreover, many parents think tracking students’ whereabouts in the washroom completely breaches their privacy. The petition also states that this system takes up a lot of class time as teachers will have to halt their lessons to approve the passes of every single student.

How can schools ensure that e-hall pass pwcs are used responsibly and ethically?

Here are some ways by which schools can ensure responsible and ethical implementation of E-HallPass in schools:

  • Establish clear guidelines on how to use the system and state the consequences that may arise from misuse or abuse of the system.
  • Teachers and students must be adequately trained on using the portal effectively.
  • Admins should constantly monitor that the digital passes are being used ethically. They can do so by reviewing the students’ movement records.
  • Schools should only collect the information required to manage hall passes for students’ privacy, which must be kept confidential.
  • Schools should regularly evaluate their policies and procedures for using eHall pass login and revise them as needed to ensure they remain practical and ethical.

E hall passes training

E Hallpass offers a variety of training and support materials to assist teachers and administrators in becoming familiar with the system and making the most of its features and capabilities.

To begin, eHallpass login provides a comprehensive online help center with extensive manuals, video tutorials, and other tools to assist users in getting started with the system. The help center includes everything from primary system navigation to complex capabilities like customizing pass types and reporting.

eHallpass also offers personalized training and assistance to schools and districts that use the system and the help center. On-site training sessions, webinars, and other types of assistance can help users become acquainted with the system and acquire best practices for utilizing it efficiently.

Finally, eHallpass provides ongoing technical assistance to assist users with concerns or queries. Users may reach eHall pass support by phone, email, or the online support ticket system, and they can anticipate rapid and competent service.

Does login affect students’ privacy?

The eHallpass login system is intended to strike a balance between student responsibility requirements and the need for their privacy. The system captures data on student movements and attendance. However, this data only tracks student movements within the school and ensures that kids are always accounted for.

ehallpass privacy

eHallpass incorporates a variety of security and privacy measures, such as protected login passwords, encrypted data transfer, and access restrictions to limit who may view and handle student data, to safeguard student privacy.

Furthermore, the system complies fully with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which establishes solid criteria for protecting student education records.

Does e hall pass track your location?    

EHallpass utilizes a digital hall pass system that allows students to request permission to leave a classroom and provides teachers and administrators with real-time updates on student movements. The system collects basic information about student movements, such as when a student left a classroom and the reason for their departure. But, it does not track individual students’ location outside the school building.

While the eHallpass login system does gather data on student movements, this data is often restricted to essential information, such as when a student left the classroom and why they left. The system does not collect or keep sensitive personal information like health or academic performance data. Any data gathered is kept secret and available only to authorized people.

Can eHall pass be used for tracking visitors to the school?

EHallpass can be used for tracking visitors to the school. The system allows administrators to create customized passes for visitors, including information such as the visitor’s name, the reason for the visit, and the length of stay.

Visitors arriving at the school can be checked in using the eHallpass system and provided with a visitor pass. The pass can be programmed to include a designated entry and exit time and can be set to expire automatically once the visit is complete. This can help ensure that visitors are accounted for and have a designated purpose for their presence in the school.

Digital Hall Pass Dashboard

Precisely, a digital hall pass dashboard is a web-based interface that helps school admins and staff members overview and manage the student’s digital passes in real time. Here are some of the things that can be seen via this centralized hub of passes:

  • Active passes
  • Pending requests
  • Pass the history of all the students
  • Option to approve or deny pass permissions
ehallpass dashboard

This powerful tool further streamlines pass management to help schools increase security. This is important to ensure students don’t wander around the school building unnecessarily.

About Eduspire e-hall pass Solutions

Eduspire is a service that excels in offering software and mobile applications for better school management. Any institute incorporating them gets a noticeable edge in increased uptime by managing the classrooms better.

Moreover, the technology offered by Eduspire is also essential for adequately scheduling student activities, top-notch time management, and maintenance of security on the premises.

It currently boasts around 1.5 million users worldwide, of which almost 1,000 have an educational origin. For better academic management, there are two major Eduspire solutions, i.e., E-HallPass and FlexTime Manager.

We have discussed E-HallPass above in detail. FlexManager is a software that helps institutions manage peer tutoring and extracurricular activities.

EhallPass FAQ

How many schools use e-hall passes?

According to the official website of E-HallPass, around 1,000 schools are using it. The figure might vary.

How much does e hall pass cost?

The one-time implementation fee of E-HallPass is $1,000, which then increases according to the number of students. It charges $3 per student.

Is ehallpass compatible with Chrome os?

Yes. It is compatible.

What does yellow E hall pass mean?

In eHall pass login, if a student’s pass exceeds the maximum time limit set by the school (often 10 minutes), the pass will turn yellow on the teacher dashboard. This serves as an alert to the teacher that the student may be spending an extended period outside of the classroom

How do you stop an e-hall pass?

After returning to the classroom, students just need to click the Stop button to end their pass.

How can students use eHallpass to request permission to leave the classroom or school?

To use eHallpass to request permission to leave the classroom or school, students need to log in, select the hall pass type and destination location, enter any necessary details, and submit the request.

ehallpass pass

Can eHallpass be customized to fit the specific needs of a school or district?

Yes, eHallpass can be customized to fit the specific needs of a school or district. The software allows administrators to set up a custom hall pass types, locations, and rules to match the unique requirements of their school.

Additionally, eHall pass login offers a range of configuration options, such as customizing the pass layout, setting up automated notifications, and configuring user permissions that can be adjusted to meet the school’s or district’s specific needs.

eHallpass also provides dedicated customer support to assist with customization or implementation needs.

How can eHall pass help schools enforce attendance policies and reduce truancy rates?

EHallpass can generate automated attendance reports, allowing teachers and administrators to quickly and easily identify patterns of absenteeism and truancy. This data can inform targeted interventions and support strategies to help at-risk students stay engaged in their education.

How does eHallpass address the unique needs of students with disabilities or special needs?

It incorporates an accessibility interface that enables individuals with particular disabilities to customize the user interface to their specific requirements.

What happens if a student misuses eHallpass?

Misuse of eHallpass by a student could result in disciplinary action by the school. Depending on the specific circumstances of the misuse, consequences may include a warning or verbal reprimand, detention or loss of privileges, or even suspension or expulsion in more severe cases.

Is eHallpass secure and compliant with privacy regulations like FERPA and COPPA?

Yes, E-HallPass login is compliant with both Family Educational Rights and Privacy (FEPRA) and the Children’s

Does eHall pass login have any limitations or potential drawbacks?

Yes. There are certain limitations of this technology. For example, training teachers and students to get familiar with their system may take some time with initial frustrations. Meanwhile, its costs might not be feasible for all the schools. And since there is over-reliance on technology, software or hardware failure can halt the system.

How do I create a QR code for Hall Pass?

To create a QR code for a digital pass, you first need to generate a Google form with simple questions like whether the student is leaving or returning and their destination. Now simply copy the link of your form and insert it in a free QR code generator website. Hit enter and your digital pass QR code is generated.

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